Several years ago, a couple of friends, unsatisfied with the durability of available moulds and deckles, came to me for help. Because leading hand-made paper making workshops was and is their full time gig, they needed something that could withstand near constant use (and even abuse) from students of all ages. Five years later, my moulds and deckles have traveled from New York to Turkey and India and many states and countries in between, and though my design has evolved to be lighter and stronger, several of those original moulds and deckles are still in use. 

Since that time, my reputation has spread by word of mouth, and I have been asked to make moulds and deckles for many universities, colleges, and arts organizations.  Now I'm able to offer them to the public, too.  

My workshop--the converted hayloft of the old cow barn on the farm where I grew up--is located in a small town in northern New York, south of the Canadian border and not farm from the peaks of the beautiful Adirondacks.

Dr. Deckle & Mr. Mould