Dr. Deckle & Mr. Mould

Product Details:

  • Primarily made with mahogany to be attractive, strong, lightweight, and water and warp resistant.  
  • All deckles reinforced with maple along the drop down edge for added durability (no more wincing when a student drops one on a concrete floor).
  • Deckles can be ordered in the classic style (the two long edges beveled for controlled shedding of water and the two shorter edges slightly rounded for comfort) or our specialty style (all four edges beveled for easy setting of pulp fibers).
  • All moulds made with heat-shrinking polypropylene screens epoxied and sturdily stapled to frames.
  • Larger moulds and deckles feature multiple laminations.
  • All moulds and deckles treated with teak oil.
  • Free custom wood burning of a short message of your choosing on the insides of moulds and undersides of deckles.
  • I am now happy to offer locally sourced white oak instead of mahogany.


Prices are in USD; shipping and handling costs will be added to your order. All rectangular hand-made mould and deckle sets are priced at $1per square inch but can be purchased separately for $.50 per square inch. For example: To find the price for a  9"x12" mould and deckle set simply multiply 9 by 12, then multiply the result (108) by 1 to get $108. To find the price for a 9"x12" mould without deckle, or 9"x12" deckle without mould, multiply 9 by 12 and then multiply the result by .50 :$54. Simple, right? You can order them in just about any dimensions you like and you can order more moulds than deckles or vice versa.

If you have any other shape in mind besides rectangular contact me and we will talk, but expect a higher price as each corner joint takes extra labor with hand tools. 

Because of the cost of labor, there is a minimum price of $100 per set or $50 per half set. I am happy to make them as small as you like, but unfortunately cannot offer reduced prices on small sizes. To order please send me a message via the contact page.